Thursday, 6 October 2011

Highlights from the 2011 RETECH Conference & Expo!

September 20-22, 2011 marked this year’s annual RETECH Conference and Exhibition, which brought together over 3,000 representatives from all of the renewable energy technologies, industries, and applications in one place. RETECH provides financial leaders, government officials, industry executives, utilities, and other professionals an annual update on renewable energy. The event is divided into two parts; the first is the Business Conference, which includes 250 industry-leading speakers, covering all of the key technologies, as well as cross-sections on markets, finance, and policy. The second is a large scale Trade Show Exhibition, which features hundreds of companies and organizations displaying the industries newest technologies and products.

Highlights from the Business Conference:

The conference was divided into several ‘tracks’ that attendees chose to focus on. They covered a variety of important issues and challenges facing renewable energy.

The keynote speakers at this year’s conference covered a number of interests and backgrounds and offered their unique insights on the future of renewable energy. The 2011 keynote speakers were:

Senator Murkowski, the ranking Republican of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and is a key leader on U.S. energy and renewable energy policy.

The Honourable James L. Connaughton, as Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs, Public and Environmental Policy, directs Constellation Energy’s environmental and energy policy matters, as well as public and government affairs.

Gina F. Adams is Corporate Vice President for Government Affairs at FedEx Corporation. As a lawyer and the company’s lobbyist, she works with Administration officials, members of Congress, and industry associations on domestic and international commerce and transportation issues.

Johannes Remmel, Minister for Climate Protection, Environment, Agriculture, Conservation and Consumer Affairs of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia since July, 2010.

Highlights from the Trade Show Exposition:

Exhibitors at this year’s trade show ranged from: engineers, architects, NGO’s, financial services, geothermal power, insurance companies, R & D companies, government, educational institutions, wind components, and solar heating to name a few.

The following list of exhibitors may not be familiar to everyone, but you will see more of them in the future. They represent a slice of the innovative thinkers and change-agents that were present at the Trade Show.

25x'25 - A rallying cry for renewable energy in America – to get 25% of our energy from renewable resources like bioenergy, wind and solar by 2025.

New South Equipment Mats- Their motto is MINIMUM IMPACT. MAXIMUM ACCESS. Customers can buy or rent affordable, eco-friendly composite or hardwood laminate mats from New South Equipment Mats. Earthsafe, a division of New South, specializes in environmentally critical sites.

Standard Solar- They excels in turn key engineering, procurement, installation and financing of solar energy systems for residential, commercial, educational, municipal, federal government, and utility customers.

International Self-Powered Building Council (ISPBC)- Dedicated to the deployment of power-generating buildings leading to new economy and jobs. ISPBC provides consultation, certification and training services to worldwide members.

Stoel Rives, LLP- As a pioneer among U.S. law firms serving the renewable energy industry, Stoel Rives has been involved in offshore renewable energy initiatives since the beginning. From wave, tidal, and other hydrokinetic projects to offshore wind development, they are committed to every facet of this emerging market.

With the success of the 3rd RETECH Conference and Expo, organizers are already planning the next RETECH, to be held October 17-19, 2012. All information for interested attendees and exhibitors can be found at RETECH 2012.

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