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Global Investment in Renewable Energy: Czech Republic

The final country on our list of the largest reported investments in renewable energy in 2010 is the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, renewable energy is supported through either a guaranteed feed-in tariff or a green bonus paid on top of the market price. System operators are free to choose either option. Furthermore, renewable energy is promoted through several subsidies and an exemption from the tax on income gained from the sale of electricity from renewable sources.


Here are a few of Czech Republic’s renewable energy policies (click here for more information):

Tax exemption – No income tax is foreseen neither in the year of putting in operation renewable electricity plants nor for the following 5 years.

EU Structural Funds – From 2007, investors in renewable electricity production had the opportunity to obtain aid from the EU’s Structural Funds via the Operational Programmes. The Operational Programme (OP) for 2007-2013 focused, amongst other things, on the construction and restoration of plants using RES.


The share of renewable energy sources has been increasing, although still below EU average.

Coal is the main energy source for electricity production. The second most important source is nuclear power.

The share of renewable energy sources has also been increasing, although still below EU average.


Renewable Energy Availability

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Gross electricity production from hydro amounted to 2,090 gigawatt-hours while the total installed capacity amounted to 1,031 megawatts.

Gross electricity production from biomass amounted to 968 gigawatt-hours in 2007 (with an annual increment of 237 gigawatt-hours).

Wind plants produced 125.11 gigawatt-hours in 2007. By the end of 2007, 113.8 megawatts of wind power had been installed in the Czech Republic. In 2007, 10 projects with a total capacity of 70.3 megawatts were put into operation.

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