Friday, 22 June 2012

Troc-Exchange: A Vancouver Bartering System To Reduce Waste

Inspired by an exchange in Europe, Christine and Yvan Saché developed, a values-driven Craigslist-style website in Vancouver that returns revenue to charities that create environmental changes. The program targets two significant areas of impact: to reduce excess waste and support environmental improvement.

Collaborative consumption is a worldwide trend that TIME Magazine has named as one of the 10 Ideas That Will Change The World. Programs such as Zip Car are popping up all over the world as individuals support this idea. Sharing and trading goods are simple ways to get rid of things you no longer use and acquire things you want without having to add to the products on the planet. Through this type of exchange we can reduce waste and protect our environment.

Bartering is the core of the Troc-Exchange concept. The website's platform is designed to encourage the exchange of goods and services but also provides alternative options to donate or purchase. Individuals can post ads for free and participate in clothing swaps to allow people to see a variety of items at once and make exchanges in person.

Their largest clothing swap was on April 21st at the Projecting Change Film Festival where 100% of the proceeds went to Surfrider Vancouver to help beach clean up on Earth Day. We encourage you to contact them for more information on upcoming swaps and let them know your level of interest so these events can grow.

In addition to fighting waste, the vision of is to raise funds for associations and foundations of volunteers that are working for the well-being of the planet. The company is funded by sponsors and 50% of their revenue goes to environmental organizations which include groups in Vancouver and worldwide. Their Vancouver chapter is also 100% volunteer run.

The team at Troc-Exchange believes when you participate in this system your are defending the environment for today and for our children tomorrow.

Swap Day with Troc-Exchange