Wednesday, 3 August 2011


We know it's difficult to go completely paperless, but there are a lot of ways you can cut down on your paper use and go green a little more.

1. Register for Online Billing

Most companies offer some form of online billing such as email statements or online accounts, be sure to check with your service providers and select the option to go paperless when possible. Here are some you may have accounts with:

BC Hydro
Fortis BC (formerly Terasen Gas)
RBC Royal Bank of Canada
TD Canada Trust
Shaw Communications
• and many more!

2. Print Only Select Pages

Many documents have important information you need to keep but not all pages are necessary, try to print only the select pages you need. If you run into trouble trying to print select pages use tricks like print screen to reduce your paper waste.

3. Use Recycled Paper

Paper products often offer at least one recycled version of a certain percentage, typically anywhere from 30% - 100%. Try buying the highest percentage you can afford for:

• printing paper
• toilet paper
• paper towel
• greeting cards
• envelopes
• and more!

3. Replace Paper with Reusable Items

If you can take it one step further, reduce your overall paper consumption by replacing paper products with reusable ones such as cloth or sponge. Visit the cleaning aisle in your local store for a variety of options you can use!

Remember, going green is great but you must always take care of yourself. If you plan to store online files rather than keeping printed records be sure to backup your computer and protect your passwords. Likewise if you plan to use cloth products as opposed to paper be sure to clean them properly to limit the spread of germs. Your safety should be your number one priority.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about renewable energy! Knowledge Is Power If there is something else you'd like to know write to us at and we'll do our best to address it for you!