Tuesday, 9 August 2011


International Eco Endeavors Corp. is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and participates in the Blue Box Recycling Program. See below for more information on Vancouver's green program or contact your local municipality for information in your area! 

The Basics Of The Blue Box Recycling Program

The City of Vancouver Blue Box Recycling Program was implemented City-wide in 1990 and now provides service to over 101,000 households. The program enables residents of single-family, duplex, and some smaller multi-family dwellings to recycle materials such as newsprint, paper, cardboard, as well as metal, glass, and plastic containers.

Each residence is supplied with a blue box (for metal, glass and plastic containers), a reusable yellow bag (for mixed paper products) and a reusable blue bag (for newsprint). Residents sort their recyclable materials into the appropriate bag or box and on collection day, set them out for collection.

City crews collect the sorted recyclables into three different compartments inside the collection vehicles and deliver the recyclables to a processing facility for further sorting in preparation for the recycling market.

For a copy of our blue box program brochure, go to Blue Box Recycling Program Brochure.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about renewable energy! Knowledge Is Power If there is something else you'd like to know write to us at info@endeavorscorp.com and we'll do our best to address it for you!