Tuesday, 15 November 2011

How to Plan an ECO-FEST

Every #TeacherTuesday we search for ways to help teachers and parents educate children on the environment and the impact they can have. This week we were delighted to come across the idea of ECO-FEST from Eco Mall.

ECO-FEST is a fun-filled day of activities designed to excite, educate, and inspire! It can be held at your school or another public location and can have as many projects and activities as you like, just be creative and don't hold back!

Invite all area non-profit environmental organizations to set up booths. The goal is to make the public aware of the organizations that work every day on environmental issues, to educate and excite children, and to give people ideas on how they can be more involved.

Organize student exhibits on Solar energy, gardening, composting, recycling, pollution (home and outside), etc.

Set up an "ART" shop where kids can build things out of "recycled" materials. Also, have on display, functional and practical things that can be made out of recycled materials, such as bird feeders.

Have a gardening center where children can plant a seed to take home and people can ask gardening questions of Master Gardeners. Set up a compost demonstration and hold a plant sale.

Have an Eco-Health section that would focus on sun safety, healthy nutrition, etc.

Have games for kids to play made from recycled materials, i.e. bowling (made from soda bottles).

Sell healthy snacks, organic fruit and juice drinks instead of typical concession snacks.

Have separate bins for garbage and recyclable garbage.

Have entertainment.

Kids Speak: Set up an "open mike" where children can give 1-3 minute presentations on environmental issues.

Planet Earth Mural: Pick a theme and let the children paint or use sidewalk chalk.

Have an "environmental quote" wall. Post quotes by great thinkers and then invite children to write their own quotes and add them to the wall.

Have an environmental poster contest.

Invite local celebrities.

Invite the local press.

Print a directory of local environmental groups and websites to pass out to the attendees.

A percentage of the proceeds can go to an environmental organization that the children vote on.

Remember, Earth Day is every day. So, an event like this can be held any time of the year. Start planning the fun now!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about renewable energy - Knowledge Is Power! For more information go to www.endeavorscorp.com or write to us at info@endeavorscorp.com if you have questions or want to get involved. Have a green day!