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The who, what, why, where, when, and how of green!
Green Energy Overview Green is everywhere. Stemming from a growing awareness of the limit of fossil fuels and our effect on Earth, words such as renewable, sustainable, carbon-neutral, emission-free, % recycled, certified organic, and eco-friendly are in our daily vocabulary and everything we do. Reusable bags, energy efficient lighting, paperless billing, and hybrid vehicles are just a few of the many green initiatives well underway throughout the world. 
Renewable energy is at the forefront of global reform offering a cleaner solution to one of the world's largest problems. Through lower emissions and often smaller environmental footprints, wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, biomass, and even ocean power are catching the attention of individuals and businesses alike. For the first time in history green energy has the support of world leaders, major financial institutions, and government bodies necessary to make its ultimate success possible...

Fast Facts broken down into renewable technologies, easy to find and fun to learn!
Did you know…? 
By early 2011, approximately 118 countries had policies in place to support the development of renewable energy, more than doubling the 2005 estimate of 55. 
Fossil fuels benefit from receiving 12 times the amount of subsidies than that received by renewables. 
In 5 years, Portugal increased its electric grid use of renewables from 15% to 45%. 
Marine Facts 
Beginning to generate power of the French coast in 1966, the 240 megawatt La Rance tidal barrage is still operating and produces a total of 600 gigawatts per hour per year...
Green Developments

How transportation, lighting, and everyday items have evolved towards green and where they may lead!
Hybrid Vehicles 
Providing an easy transition towards more efficient and eco-friendly transportation, hybrid vehicles have been able to capture a noticeable market share in the past few years.  Reaching almost 1,000,000 sales globally in 2010, the presence of hybrid vehicles is constantly growing... 

Green Policies

A current overview of the legislation enacted to promote green!
Green Policies Overview 
A new approach to business favours social enterprise and philanthropy; companies are beginning to shift their focus towards investments that are sustainable and generate long-term shared value. Enterprise capital is an important vehicle for driving this social development.  Using capital to fund sustainable projects can generate consistent social and economic growth, as the incentives of the investors, the venture capital firm, and the local partners all align.  The combination of sustainability and long-term income generation from projects can benefit all...

Everything you could need to know about  wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, biomass, and ocean power including an overview, power generation, technology, capacity, industry, cost, and more!
Wind Power Overview The capacity for global wind energy is enormous and, as far as power generation from wind energy goes, it is clean and emission free. Whether to propel a ship forward by filling its sails or crushing millet by rotating a windmill, humanity has been finding innovative ways to harness the power of wind energy for thousands of years. Only in the last couple of decades, however, has wind energy production really begun to gain momentum. With an average annual growth rate of 27% from 2005 to 2010, wind power is now significantly more prominent in the energy consumption makeup of many countries...
 Solar Power Generation 
Solar applications are largely considered either passive or active. An active application will harness solar energy in a controlled manner, such as a photovoltaic cell or solar thermal collector. Passive applications on the other hand use well-designed structures, which make optimal use of the sun's energy. An example could include a building that allows in ample sunlight. The light will circulate throughout and heat the building naturally based on the building's architectural design.
Today, solar energy is converted into electricity using either photovoltaics (PV) or concentrated solar power (CSP).  PVs will convert the sun's energy into electricity directly using cells containing semiconductors, whilst CSPs have an indirect approach of focusing the sun's energy in order to boil water, which will drive a heat/thermal engine (e.g. Stirling engine) in order to power a generator...

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