Friday, 30 March 2012 THE GREEN SEARCH ENGINE

Did you know that searching the internet can cause carbon dioxide emissions? This is because search engines run on huge generators which can emit more carbon dioxide than the aviation industry! 

A single google search consumes as much energy as an 11-watt light bulb in one hour. 2% of global CO2 emissions come from information and communication technology.

Imagine if you could help the environment just by searching the internet!

Ecosia is an internet search engine powered by Bing and Yahoo dedicated to environmental sustainability.

Ecosia donates 80% of their advertising revenue to the rain forest protection program run by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Every time you use Ecosiato search the internet, it helps in the protection of the rainforests! All you have to do is set Ecosia as a search engine on your computer which only takes a minute to do. Simply click on to get started.

Simple lifestyle changes like this can make a big difference to helping the environment! So far, over a million dollars has been donated to support work in the Rain Forest.

Use Ecosia today!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about renewable energy - Knowledge Is Power! For more information go to or write to us at if you have questions or want to get involved. Have a green day!