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Global Investment in Renewable Energy: USA

Next on our list is the United States of America

The United States, like most other nations, uses a variety of renewable energy sources — water (hydroelectric), wood, biofuels, wind, organic waste, geothermal, and solar — which accounted for 8% of its total energy needs in 2009.  Renewable energy consumption increased by roughly 8% between 2008 and 2009, and contributed to nearly 10% of the total electricity generation in 2009.
US Renewable Energy Sources (see full image here)


The United States renewable energy policies aim to increase the use of renewable energy by:
Tax credits:  The Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit has encouraged an eight-fold increase of wind energy capacity since 2001.
Targets:  Many States have Renewable Portfolio Standards which require electricity providers to generate a percentage of energy from renewable sources.
Markets: Renewable Energy Certificates allow electricity providers to sell them and use their proceeds for renewable projects.


The United States are interested in ensuring that renewable energy development creates green jobs and stimulates the economy.
The United States used significantly less coal and petroleum in 2009 than in 2008, and significantly more wind power.

Renewable Energy Availability

Since 2000, global wind energy generation has more than tripled, solar cell production has increased six-fold, and biodiesel production has expanded nearly four-fold.
A quarter of the U.S. land area has winds strong enough to generate electricity at the same price as natural gas and coal.
California gets 31% of its electricity from renewable sources.

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