Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Global Investment in Renewable Energy: Italy

Next up on our list of countries with the largest reported investments in renewable energy in 2010 is Italy

The most important renewable energy source in Italy is hydropower which contributes to roughly 16.6% of total gross electricity production of the country. Italy also has large geothermal resources, both high and low temperature.  Italy is considered the most important producer of geothermal electricity in Europe.


Here are some ways that Italy is trying to increase development in regards to renewable energy:

Italy plans on moving towards a feed-in tariff-based renewable energy rebate scheme, similar to successful models implemented in Germany and Spain.
The government is developing a national building law that will ensure that solar thermal installations are installed in new and refurbished buildings.

Introduced new provisions for renewable power generators. Small generators (up to 1 megawatts) will have the choice between selling their green certificates on the market and receiving a feed-in tariff.

Italy’s Targets for Renewable Energy by 2020 - MW totally installed


Italy relies on others to provide 86% of its energy needs, leaving it very dependent on imports and causing a shift towards using more renewable sources.

Italy’s own supplies of natural gas have fallen sharply over the past decade and covered only around 12% of consumption in 2008.

Renewable Energy Availability

Italy has long been Europe’s leader in geothermal power, using steam produced by hot rocks several kilometers below the ground.
Larderello’s turbines produced 5.5 terawatt hours last year.
Enel, Italy’s state-controlled power company, will construct a five-megawatt solar-thermal plant that uses innovative technology.

Take a look at how the USA and China compare to Italy!

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